A Representative For Thiel Did Not Respond To A Request For Comment.

CNN's Cyril Vanier spoke with Ogilvy South Africa's Group CEO, Enver Groenewald, about the agency's role on the continent, and how and where advertising dollars will be seen in the future. The following interview was edited and condensed for clarity. Cyril Vanier: When it started in Africa, the company played a significant role in boosting South Africa's economy and South African companies. Can you talk to us about that? Enver Groenewald: The 1990s was a period in which we established a quite significant growth. After the 1994 elections there was a lot of pessimism and negativity towards democracy coming to the fore in South Africa, particularly. And off the back of that, I think that Ogilvy really introduced a type of advertising genre that spoke to social justice, that spoke to social unity, that spoke to really celebrating the best of a democratic South Africa. Enver Groenewald, Ogilvy's South Africa Group CEO. CV: Can you give us examples of something that would have been important in terms of Ogilvy's work specific to South Africa's history? EG: One of the most seminal examples is the work done for VW ... where we told the story of management and employees coming together at a time in which there were great industrial relations tensions. At the time, that was unheard of because trade unions were in opposition to business owners and management. This piece of work for VW was surprising in telling the story of how for the success, not only of the company, but the workers in that company and the communities that depended on the success of that company, could come together. How Facebook's Africa expansion could help foster new hubs like Nigeria's 'Silicon Valley' The other was for Castle, which still remains one of the most successful beer brands in South Africa, and really positioned itself on the notion of social cohesion and the coming together of groups that up until then had been separated by Apartheid. It celebrated the very best of what I think both the Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela promoted: this idea of a rainbow nation. That we were a country made up of very different colors, but put together, it made for a beautiful sight. CV: Can you talk about the talent in your sector in South Africa and more widely on the African continent. How does that compare to other regions? EG: We have an amazing wealth of talent across our continent. I don't think that talent in Africa, particularly from an advertising industry perspective, has to stand back for any other region.

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The so-called owner's cabin has a spa, a pool, theater lounge, office and three bedrooms, while the guest cabin has its own spa and pool, as well as a library, and 10 guest bedrooms with uninterrupted north-facing views toward Lake Wanaka and the Southern Alps. "The architecture of the proposed lodge is unique," said Jo Fyfe, senior planner at John Edmonds and Associates, who carried out an assessment of the environmental effects of the complex. "The careful design and placement of buildings into the landscape is thoughtful and recognizes the landscape setting. The sympathetic design will use a green roof that will employ the same naturally rustic planting palette of the hillocks that they will be located within." Up to 15 staff would work on the site at peak times, but none of them would reside there, according to planning documents. It's unclear when the lodge could be operational or how much it would cost to stay there.  In 2017, it emerged that Thiel had been granted citizenship by the New Zealand government. Located in relative isolation from the largest population centers of the world, New Zealand has become a popular destination with high net-worth individuals in recent years. Billionaire Google co-founder Larry Page was granted residency at the start of the year. Home to around 5 million people, the country has become synonymous with "preppers" — those who try to prepare for catastrophic events that may pose a threat to humanity. Today, there's even a website dedicated to people wanting to prep their families for "survival" in New Zealand. Reports had suggested that Thiel was planning to build some sort of apocalypse-proof bunker on his estate, which is currently used as a working farm. While some of the buildings appear to be built into hillsides, it's unclear if any of them are intended to serve as a bunker. A representative for Thiel did not respond to a request for comment. The envisaged guest lodge is comprised of three pods, while a separate pod is designed to serve as a private home. A computer-generated image of the luxury lodge and the house. The prepper craze was first put under the spotlight in January 2017, when an article in The New Yorker titled "Doomsday prep for the super-rich" revealed how New Zealand is essentially like a mecca for wealthy preppers. It's remote, geopolitically stable, and sparsely populated. Importantly, it could also become completely self-sufficient in terms of water, food, and energy if it ever needed to. A year earlier, Sam Altman, former president of the prestigious Y-Combinator accelerator program, told the magazine that he planned to fly to Thiel's house in New Zealand in the event of a pandemic. It's unclear which house Altman was referring to, as Thiel has owned a number of properties in New Zealand over the years, visite site albeit on significantly smaller plots.


"We had to make a lot of (genetic) changes, 42 so far to make them human compatible. And in that case we have very healthy pigs that are breeding and donating organs for preclinical trials at Massachusetts General Hospital," he said. "With the elephant, it's a different goal but it's a similar number of changes." This animal survived 24,000 years frozen in the Siberian permafrost The research team has analyzed the genomes of 23 living elephant species and extinct mammoths, Church said. The scientists believe they will need to simultaneously program "upward of 50 changes" to the genetic code of the Asian elephant to give it the traits necessary to survive and thrive in the Arctic. These traits, Church said, include a 10-centimeter layer of insulating fat, five different kinds of shaggy hair including some that is up to a meter long, and smaller ears that will help the hybrid tolerate the cold. The team also plans to try to engineer the animal to not have any tusks so they won't be a target for ivory poachers. Once a cell with these and other traits has successfully been programmed, Church plans to use an artificial womb to make the step from embryo to baby -- something that takes 22 months for living elephants. However, this technology is far from nailed down, and Church said they hadn't ruled out using live elephants as surrogates. "The editing, I think, is going to go smoothly. We've got a lot of experience with that, I think, making the artificial wombs is not guaranteed.